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Dominion Senior Living of Northfield Construction Update

January 2020

Posted 01.14.20

Current Status

  • Installing Masonry on Wing A and B
  • MEPFP rough ins on going all wings
  • Installing drywall in Wings C and B

4-Week Look Ahead

  • Complete masonry veneer
  • Continue electric & HVAC installations all wings
  • Continue drywall in all wings
  • Prime walls in wing C

November 2019

Posted 11.15.19

Current Status

  • Installing roof sheeting in Wing A
  • Installing Masonry on Wing C and B
  • MEPFP rough ins on going all wings
  • Installing fence along berm
  • Installing drywall in Wing C

4-Week Look Ahead

  • Complete framing Wing A
  • Continue electric & HVAC installations all wings
  • Roofing and windows installed in Wing A
  • Complete fence along berm

September 2019

Posted 09.23.19

Current Status

  • Framing complete in Wing C
  • Framing nearly complete on Wing B
  • Floor slab in Wing A is complete
  • Roofing installed in Wing C

4-Week Look Ahead

  • Begin Framing Wing A
  • Continue electric & HVAC installations Wing C
  • Roofing in Wing B

July 2019

Posted 07.25.19

Current Status

  • CMU foundation walls complete
  • prepping and pouring concrete floor slabs
  • wall framing has begun
  • constructing masonry elevator shaft

4-Week Look Ahead

  • complete concrete slabs
  • install plumbing underground
  • install underground electric
  • complete CMU at elevator shaft
  • complete framing of C Wing
  • begin framing delivery for B Wing

May 2019

Posted 05.28.19

Current Status

  • Concrete foundation footings complete
  • 85% CMU foundation walls complete

4-Week Look Ahead

  • Complete CMU foundation walls
  • Install plumbing underground
  • Begin floor slab pours
  • Install temporary electric

Week of January 28th, 2019

Posted 01.29.19

As of January 21st, phase one of the Dominion Senior Living Center is officially opened and accepting residents. A Grand Opening event will be held on February 28th to tour the new facility.

Week of October 1st, 2018

Posted 11.19.18

2-Week Look ahead:

  • Complete Exterior Painting
  • Complete Exterior Fencing
  • Landscaping is Complete
  • Complete Flooring
  • Complete Kitchen

Upcoming Milestones:

  • 12/5 Granite installation
  • 12/10 Furniture Install
  • 12/17 Building Completion

Week of August 27th, 2018

Posted 08.30.18

2-Week Look ahead:

  • Continue Exterior Painting
  • Gutters Begin
  • Interior drywall finishes
  • Door and Trim Installation continues
  • All rough in inspections have been passed

Upcoming Milestones:

  • 10/1 - Exterior Complete
  • 10/1 - Flooring begins
  • 10/15 - Landscaping and Courtyards
  • 11/1 - Certificate of Occupancy


Memory Care Unit Interior

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