Our contracted providor of Trash Collection, Yard Waste, and Recycling pickup.

Sharon Berger

Northfield's Liaison to Rumpke Waste and Recycling, please contact her for any information and concerns at 502-425-7937


Trash Collection

WHEN: On Monday and Thursday morning, trash must be out by 6 A.M.
WHERE: From the BACK DOOR of your home
WHAT: Trash must be in standard cans or garbage bags, and the limit is five standard cans or 10 standard bags. Loose items must be bundled, in bundles not over 4 feet long or 70 lbs. Trash does not include construction debris, yard waste or plant matter, hazardous materials, tires, batteries, liquids, such as oil or paint, CFC's such as freon.

Rumpke will collect one large item per house per collection day. If the item requires more than one man to lift it, then, Rumpke must be notified in advance 502-568-3800.

WHEN: Bi-Weekly, on every other Thursday, out for pickup by 6 A.M. View 2016 pickup calendar…
WHERE: From the CURB of your home
WHAT: Recycling Roller Cart
Acceptable materials:

Yard Waste

WHEN: On Thursday mornings, trash must be out by 6 A.M. (No Yard Waste collection during January or February, exception: Christmas Trees)
WHERE: From the CURB of your home
WHAT: Yard waste is grass, weeds, leaves, and prunings and branches not larger than 3 inches in diameter and 4 ft long, and shrubbery. These must be in up to 6 standard cans, with lids off, or labeled "yard waste" or up to 10 plastic or paper bags, labeled "yard waste". Loose items should be bundled, not to exceed 4 ft. long or 50 lbs.

Holiday Schedules
When a holiday occurs during the week, all collections from that holiday through the rest of the week will be on the business day following the usual collection day.

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