New Residents


Welcome to Northfield!

You have chosen a great place to live. Northfield is one of the finest small cities in Jefferson County. We are proud of our city, both the residential and business neighbors.

We are concerned about your needs and safety and invite you to attend the City Council meetings (via ZOOM) held on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30. For meeting information, please contact Lucy Martin, City Clerk at 262-9095 or

See below for important information at a glance, and browse our website to learn more.


Your Government

Mayor: Randy L. Chappell
Council: Sharon Berger, Steve Levy, Tim Martin, Clark Rhea, Brandon Smith , James “Tracy” Walker
Clerk: Lucy Martin
Engineer: Adrian Oliver
Treasurer: Charlie Veeneman

City Mailing Address

4949 Brownsboro Road
P.O. Box 286
Louisville, KY 40222


Emergency-E.M.S.-Police-Fire: 911
Northfield Police Cell Phone: 296-6401 (non-emergency, leave message if Officer not on duty)
Lou./Jeff. Co. Metro Sherif Radio Dispatch: 574-5471 (they will attempt to contact Northfield Police)
Lou./Jeff. Co. Metro Police Dept.: 574-2111 (non-emergency)

Important Contacts

LG&E (Electric and Street lights): 589-3500
LG&E (Gas): 589-5511
Louisville Water Co. 583-6610
Metropolitan Sewer District (Drainage) 587-0603
Ecotech (Trash Collection) 962-0862
Animal Control 363-6609
Lawnco 423-9297
City Directory Updates (City Clerk): 262-9095

Car Stickers

Northfield car stickers are available from the City Clerk. These stickers help our police identify residents. Contact City Clerk Lucy Martin at 262-9095 or

City Permits

Permits are required for some activities including but not limited to construction/remodeling projects. Contact Mayor Randy Chappel at 425-4733 or for details.

City Social Events

City social events are a bonus of living in Northfield. They include a Fourth of July parade, Summer picnic, and Light up Northfield for the Holidays. We also have an annual free shredding event for residents. These events are posted on the Events tab of the Northfield web site.

Tree Program

The City of Northfield possesses a great resource in our mature trees. As each year passes, parts of our tree canopy are adversely impacted by insects, wind and other environmental conditions. In an effort to replenish these resources, Northfield has a city sponsored Plant-A-Tree Program.

City Directory

A directory is published annually. You can update your personal information via the Northfield web site on the message tab. This information is sent only to our City Clerk.

Trash Collection

Our sanitation vendor is Ecotech. Trash pickup days are Monday and Thursday. Three large cans will be emptied from the garage or rear of the home. Anything over three cans must be placed at the curb. Yard waste is collected at the curb on Monday only (No yard waste collection during January or February, exception: Christmas Trees).


Dogs are to be controlled at all times. Northfield adheres to and enforces the Louisville Jefferson County Metro leash laws. All dogs must be confined to the owner’s property and on leash when on city streets.

City Tax

City tax is collected annually. The bills are mailed out in October.

Insurance Tax

A Kentucky insurance premium tax is charged on most insurance policies and is included in your total premium payment. The insurance company remits this tax to the City of Louisville by default unless the correct municipality is stipulated. All Northfield residents are requested to notify their insurance carriers that this tax should be remitted to the City of Northfield. This funding is very important to our city for maintaining a low tax rate and continuing city services and improvements.