Tree Program


The City of Northfield possesses a great resource in our mature trees. As each year passes, parts of our tree canopy are adversely impacted by insects, wind and other environmental conditions. In an effort to replenish these resources, Northfield has a city sponsored Plant-A-Tree Program, which has historically been very well received by our Northfield neighbors.


Northfield has coordinated with LawnCo, Inc., the city’s landscape and maintenance provider, on the purchase of various species of trees to be planted in our residential areas. These trees will be in the 2”-2.5” caliper (trunk diameter) size, depending on selected species. For full program details/rules and to participate, please contact Mike Blake at LawnCo ASAP (Fall and early Winter are the ideal times for tree planting).

Mr. Mike Blake
Landscape Architect
LawnCo, Inc.


Mike will meet with you and assist in species selection and site placement on your property. Trees offered are most preferred for transplanting and strike the best balance between cost, time to establishment, and short term growth results. If any participant desires a larger tree than offered, they will be responsible for any excess cost difference. After you have met with Mike, installation of all trees will be handled by Lawnco based on the site selection provided in your initial consultation. Mike will elaborate any property owner cost obligation (due to larger size or special species selection) at the time of consultation, and will provide each participant with a cost quote (if any) for their approval prior to ordering and installation of any program tree.

We hope that our citizens continue to embrace and utilize this program and together we continue to promote a robust tree canopy in Northfield. This is a legacy that we will provide to residents and families for years into the future.