Meeting Minutes


August 28, 2023

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the City of Northfield Council.

The regular meeting of the City of Northfield Council was held on Monday August 28, 2023 via Zoom.

  • Council members attending: Clark Rhea, Brandon Smith, Steve Levy, Sharon Berger, Tim Martin and Tracy Walker.
  • Council members absent: None.
  • City officials present: Mayor Randolph Chappell, City Engineer Adrian Oliver, Police Chief Tom David, Treasurer Charles Veeneman, and City Clerk Lucy Martin.
  • City officials absent: None.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Mayor Randolph Chappell.



Minutes for the July 24, 2023 meeting were approved.


City Administration Reports

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer distributed financial reports prior to the meeting for activity ending July 30, 2023. They included:

  • General Fund Income Statement & Balance Sheet (Charlie will check on the Sanitation expense).
  • Northfield Schedule of Investments.
  • Road Fund Income Statement & Balance Sheet.
  • (Ongoing from July mtg.) A new investment possibility was discussed by Charlie. Randy suggested doing some research on current returns before changing our investment strategy. Charlie will do further research on return rates available, including self-managed if offered.

City Clerk’s Report

  • City directory is at the printer. When a proof is received and audited, the directory will be printed and distributed.
  • Working on the new city web page. Phase 1 is in round two testing. Anticipate publishing this week.
  • Received tax documents from the PVA, and they have been given to Mail Louisville to process. Anticipate mailing the first week of September.
  • Getting quotes for a memorial for the Lime Ridge site.

Police Report


  • 17 Calls from Northfield Neighbors some calls were regarding issues around the first day of school
  • 7 Calls transferred over to us from LMPD
  • 4 House Watch Request
  • 1 Minor Injury Accident
  • 2 Non-Injury Accidents
  • Continuing to monitor the new stop signs and it appears people are getting use to them
  • The Business District is continuing to have issues with large amount shoplifting
  • Demo will start at the Thornton’s on 08-29-2023

City Engineer's Report

  • No new requests for construction permits.
  • Reviewed a plan for a handicap ramp at the bank.
  • The stop signs have been installed, Adrian will make sure stripes are added (ongoing).
  • Adrian needs Mayor approval for the crack seal RFP, five streets planned.
  • Adrian needs easement to repair the Lime Ridge sidewalk (documents required).

Old Business

No Update

  • Northfield Office Condo Project : Public meeting and office location under discussion.
  • The Mayor will find out the archival requirements for Police documents.
  • Property Use Violations: Randy contacted Code Enforcement. One item abated, 2nd item pending resolution. MCE work is still in progress.
  • Echo Tech: has the additional truck been implemented?

New Business

Items for discussion from Tracy:

  1. Right of Way Tree Maintenance on Hunting Road (between Stannye and Northfield Drive). Tracy will check with the city attorney and then send the resident a letter.
  2. Northfield Main Entrance Signage Update (lettering only). Tracy will investigate.
  3. Mailbox Replacement Subsidy (discussion only). Tracy will get some more information.
  • Glenview Hills Annexation/Merge possibility discussion. Our attorney advised waiting until 2025 when there will be a change for this process.
  • Security cameras: 5 are in place, 4 other locations are being assessed. The cameras are $650 each to install and then there is a recurring cost of $3K each per year. The Mayor reported that this will require an Interlocal Agreement, and a Police Services Agreement.
  • The Mayor reported that a Municipal Order will be required to use ARPA funds for paving. There was a vote and all were in favor.
  • Brandon has had requests for additional Little Library Boxes. Fox Creek Court was a proposed site.

Parking Lot

Ky Transportation Coop Signup

  • ARPA funding Municipal Order: Documented authorization to spend funds. ($136,082.96 x 2). The deadline is December 2024. Resolved, see new business update.

  • Small Cellular Site Ordinance: Distributed for review to all council members. Discussion scheduled tabled for a future meeting. Need the Mayor’s input.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:23 p.m. The next meeting of the Northfield City Council will be held on Monday, September 25, 2023.

Lucy Martin, City Clerk. Randolph L. Chappell, Mayor City of Northfield