Meeting Minutes


November 27, 2023

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the City of Northfield Council.

The regular meeting of the City of Northfield Council was held on Monday November 27, 2023 via Zoom.

  • Council members attending: Sharon Berger, Brandon Smith, Steve Levy, Tim Martin, Clark Rhea, and Tracy Walker.
  • Council members absent: None.
  • City officials present: Mayor Randolph Chappell, Police Chief Tom David, Treasurer Charles Veeneman, and City Clerk Lucy Martin.
  • City officials absent: City Engineer Adrian Oliver.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Mayor Chappell.



Minutes for the October 23, 2023 meeting were approved.


City Administration Reports

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer distributed financial reports prior to the meeting for activity ending October 31, 2023. They include:

  • General Fund Income Statement & Balance Sheet
  • Northfield Schedule of Investments
  • Road Fund Income Statement & Balance Sheet
  • To date, $330K of $362 property taxes have been collected

City Clerk’s Report

  • Correction to the City directory was mailed.
  • Getting quotes for a memorial for the Lime Ridge site.

Residents Concerns

  • The Welch’s and the Taylor’s joined the meeting tonight to express concern about safety issues: Traffic and speeding both in the neighborhood (specifically on Stannye) and US42, and Traffic light violations on US42. They also requested status on speed bumps for Stannye.
    • The Mayor reported that there was no active effort regarding speed bumps. He stated that a council person would need to sponsor a policy to address speed bumps. No council person was named.
    • The Mayor committed to initiating a Traffic study. This will require a Civil/Traffic Engineer.
    • The Mayor will work with Chief David to provide alternatives including:
      • Additional police coverage for Stannye and US 42.
      • Possible use of off duty officers to patrol US 42.
      • Communication with the 8th District Division Commander about our concerns.

Police Report


  • 7 Calls for service called over from LMPD
  • 5 House watch requests
  • 7 Non-injury accidents 1 occurred in the city a homeowner pulled out of her driveway and struck a contractors’ vehicle.
  • 1 DUI arrest of a non-resident at Holiday Manor subject came in off I 264 after causing several traffic hazards.
  • 9 Citations
  • Numerous calls from Mr. Montgomery on Newmarket he has gotten himself in a civil dispute with a tenant which we are not able to address. I have informed him he should contact an attorney.
  • Multiple calls from Northfield Neighbors this month concerning the Swatting calls at two local schools.
  • Some calls in reference to the Air B&B on Newmarket (parking). It's a movie company crew who will be there until the end of December.
  • Some concerns about the house at 2308 Glenview. The Chief has sent concerns to Randy with photos.

City Engineer's Report

No Update

  • Resurfacing – will be sending out RFP’s at the end of the week for the following:
    • Repaving: Baylor Dr., Fox Creek Ct., Jeness Ct, Northfield Ct., Rhodes Ct., Rhodes Dr.
    • Crack sealing: Baylor Ct., Keewood Ct., New Market Dr., Northfield Dr., Stannye Dr.

Old Business

  • Lime Ridge Sidewalk, continuing to work with Dr. Raja on documentation and design of sidewalk landscaping.
  • John Singler: Parking lot in public ROW, how is this accomplished? Drainage? A: Approval from MSD is required to show no affect to storm water drainage.
  • NF Main Entrance signage update (Tracy). In progress.
  • Security cameras: 5 are in place, 4 other locations are being assessed. The cameras are $650 each to install and then there is a recurring cost of $3K each per year. A Municipal Order (#2) was approved.

New Business

  • A motion to cancel the December meeting passed
  • NF Elected and Appointed Official pay evaluation for FY24
  • Fence down along US42. The Mayor is attempting to contact the homeowners (2005 & 2007 Newmarket).
  • Could Northfield sponsor a citywide leaf pickup, Tracy is attempting to identify a vendor, further discussion at that point.
  • Could city street and stop signs be painted and straightened. Adrian to address.
  • Traffic engineer to do a study and recommend ways to slow traffic in the residential areas of Northfield. (See Residents Concerns).

Parking Lot

  • Ky Transportation Coop Signup

  • Small Cellular Site Ordinance: Distributed for review to all council members. Discussion scheduled tabled for a future meeting.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:58 p.m. The next meeting of the Northfield City Council will be held on Monday, January 22, 2024.

Lucy Martin, City Clerk. Randolph L. Chappell, Mayor City of Northfield